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Stone fruits

Peaches, Cherries, and plums are the most favored stone fruits owing to the health benefits they impart. Pro Fresh SA delivers more than 1 million cartons of stone fruits annually to our key markets. These are well known for their high fiber content and related digestive system maintenance.

Why we are the best Stone Fruit Exporters in South Africa?

We ensure every fruit has passed the quality parameter as per international standards. We make them available in bulk and accessible at the least possible price. We also take care of the packaging to retain its freshness.

Reasons to buy stone fruits from Cherry Exporters in South Africa:

We export by air and water to a wider range of countries worldwide. Still, we are continually looking to expand our global reach into new markets. Also, as the best Apricot Packers, and Cherry Packer, Exporter. we promise

  • Timely delivery

  • Best quality at lowest price

  • Hygienically packed

  • Affordably priced

  • Ready for bulk order delivery

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Wonderfully delicious, romantic and packed with health benefits! Profresh SA has a large range of cherries that are harvested over three locations for 10 weeks. Sweet, firm and juicy!




A small to medium-sized golden orange fruit often tinged red where most exposed to the sun. It has a smooth yet velvety skin and the flesh is usually firm, not juicy but definitely smooth and sweet.

Yellow Peaches

Crispy, juicy, yellow flesh with a range of flavours of mildly sweet to balanced sweet-tart harvested over 24 weeks to bring you the best

Yellow Peaches