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Apples are loved by people all over the world. They are highly nutritious and can benefit from top-up levels of essential vitamins and minerals our body require regularly. There are very few foods in the world that have the same nutritional benefits as apples. The apple is a beautiful addition to any meal plan or snack for anybody on a diet who likes to count their calories. There are so few calories in an apple.

Health benefits of eating fresh apples

1. For healthy eyes:

2. For a healthy heart:

3. Apples prevent high blood pressure:

4. Apples fight high cholesterol:

5. Apples help to fight Alzheimer's:

6. Apples prevent different types of cancers:

7. stabilizes blood sugar:

8. Anaemia treatment:

9. Energy booster for all:

10. Apples boost gum health:

11. helps lose weight:

12. Anti-Asthma benefits:

Varieties supplied by Apples Exporters South Africa

Our range of apples includes both traditional and new types that offer consumers a unique taste experience. Our more comprehensive range of apples has established us as significant Apple Exporters in South Africa. We supply a variety of total red cultivars that are the traditional favourites.

The Golden Delicious is yellow skin and sweet, juicy fruit with semi-firm flesh. It is very fragile, tends to shrivel and bruise, and so must be handled carefully.

Granny Smith - The Granny Smith apple has light-green skin and has a texture harder than other apples of its hue. It is a favourite for use in salads and pies.

Royal Gala- With dark-red, white-spotted skin ranging from medium to large, this all-purpose apple is sweeter and crispier than the McIntosh parent.

Fuji apples are crisp and juicy with a sugary-sweet flavour resembling freshly-pressed apple juice. The apples are delicious as a firm, creamy-white flesh and fine-grained from the inside.

Cripps Red

A late-season apple with dark red skin and a round shape with white spots called lenticels that occur naturally on the skin. It's pretty dense and sweet in taste as a flavoursome apple, excellent for fresh or baking.

Process followed by the top Apple Packers in South Africa

Being the topmost apple exporters in South Africa, we have a set procedure for packing and delivering freshness to your doorstep.

Organic apples are not waxed and follow a slightly different process. Apples are graded and sized by hand or automated optical technology on national and state standards.

Computer-controlled automatic sorters are used by many facilities to analyze apple size, colour and even internal quality.

After sorting and grading Apples for the Presiding system, they are returned to bins explicitly labelled for their quality, type, and size, then placed back into cold storage until needed to fill an order.

Why we are the topmost Golden Delicious Apples Exporters?

We promise only the premium grade golden delicious apples to our customers after thoroughly checking the quality on the different parameters of checking apples. Grades consist of appearance, colour, size, weight, and internal quality. Some varieties may have various shades of colour, all with several grades and sizes. We are the best with

Timely dispatch

Affordable price

Bulk supply

So, find your lovable variety of apples with Pro Fresh SA.

Gala/Royal Gala

It is bold red and vertically striped in appearance, with thin skin and crisp white flesh. With fine texture, a mild, sweet and aromatic flavour – it is one of the world’s premium apple varieties.

Royal Gala Apple Supplier

Golden Delicious Apple Exporter

Golden Delicious

One of the most popular apple varieties worldwide, Golden Delicious apples are sweet with white flesh and pale green skin, ripening to yellow.

Granny Smith

With its distinctive vivid green freckled skin, the Granny Smith apple has a bright white flesh that resists browning when sliced. With a refreshing tangy flavour and a high juice content, it is favoured for eating but is an excellent dessert or cooking apple.

Granny Smith Apple Packers

Cripps Red Apple Exporter

Cripps Red

A late season apple with a dark red skin and round shape with white spots called lenticels that occur naturally on the skin. A dense, sweet, flavoursome apple, perfect for fresh or baking

Red Fuji

Red Fuji apples are large, with a green-yellow background and intense red stripes. Red Fuji’s have a characteristic crispness and a strong apple aroma, with juicy yellowish flesh. Fuji’s retain the intense crispness and aroma of Red Fuji, but are characterised by a less intense colour.

Red Fuji Apple Supplier