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About Us

About Us

Pro Fresh SA is a fresh fruit grower, packer and exporter with Headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa. Established in 1987 Pro Fresh SA has rapidly grown into a market leader in the fresh fruit exp

Our fruit growing operations takes place in all the fruit production areas of South Africa, Namibia and Egypt. This supply base provides us with a consistent, top quality supply of fresh pears, apples, soft citrus, grape fruit, lemons, oranges stone fruits and grapes throughout the production seasons.

We are committed to building long-lasting relationships with our growers and importers through collaboration, mutual trust and transparency, and to become your number one choice of produce exporter in Africa.

We export by sea and air to a comprehensive range of countries worldwide, but are continually looking to expand our global reach into new markets.

We work collaboratively with our trusted growers and partners to implement through procurement, inspection and shipping processes to ensure that quality and freshness is not compromised, and our service meets your expectations.

Our Specialty:
Always fresh Our hands-on experience in handling fruits delivery round the clock and management as per requirements consistently delivers fresh.
100% Natural
We believe in serving our customers with 100% natural organically grown fruits to make them fit and never forget the taste of freshness.
Premium Quality
Customized packaging is done for retailers and supermarkets, accounting for their unique needs.
Affordable Price
We promise to deliver fresh fruits at an unbeatable price to our customers.
How do we do it?
The procurement of fresh vegetables & fruits in South Africa is done through contract farming and wholesalers. The in-house team of experts and professionals is employed to train and supervise the contract farms and keep a thorough check throughout the yielding cycle. Simultaneously strict quality inspection is carried out on the procurement from wholesalers to ensure the approved quality standards set by Pro Fresh SA.
As leading Packer and Exporter in South Africa, we offer a wide range of fresh fruits:
Citrus fruits
Stone fruits
Fresh grape
For bulk deliveries, we are always ready.

Quality Assurance

Our quality agriculture products are yields of state-of-the-art facilities and competent, dedicated personnel. Pro Fresh SA invests in personnel training to provide our customers with unmatched product quality and superior customer experience.

Our growers are all certified to the highest industry standards and we have processes in place throughout our entire supply chain to maintain quality assurance and good manufacturing practices. These certifications also ensure product is ethically sourced, environmentally sustainable and fully traceable.

We guarantee utilization of modern agricultural technology and strict attention to detail throughout the production and post-harvest processes.

We nurture our business from start to end which is reflected in all of our consistent, premium quality agriculture products. An accurate traceability system and responsible use of agricultural chemicals ensure our promise of safety that is highly sought-after in our business.

Our clients can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that they are buying safe, quality agriculture products. They can rest assured that business promises will be consistently fulfilled and their requirements fully met.