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Pears Exporter, Packers & Supplier

Pro Fresh SA supplies a full range of pears, commencing with early Bon Chretien and finishing with the lovely blushed pear, Forelle. The main varieties we provide as the leading pear packers in South Africa include William Bon Chretien, Forelle, Packham's Triumph.

Health benefits of pear

Pears contain vitamin C and B complex and vitamin E, along with trace amounts of vitamin A. Pears offer rich, healthy fibre and potassium. Pears lacks sodium or fat and are cholesterol-free as well. Calories in pears are low, making the pear an excellent food option for those who want to lose weight.

Why choose the best Pear Exporters in South Africa?

We promise only the premium grade pears to our customers after thoroughly checking the quality on the different parameters. Grades consist of appearance, colour, size, weight, and internal quality. Some varieties may have various shades of colour, all with several steps and measures. We are the best Forelle Pear Exporters as we promise:

  • Timely dispatch

  • Affordable price

  • Bulk supply

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William Bon Chretien

A bell shaped, green pear with pale white, juicy flesh - a buttery and classic pear. Williams’s pears have cream-coloured flesh and are very juicy with a distinctive pear flavour.

William Bon Chretien Pears

Packham's Triumph Pears

Packham's Triumph

A bulbous, wide-bottomed pear green skin that ripens to a light yellow. A sweet and juicy white flesh with a smooth texture - a classic


A bell shaped pear with green-yellow skin that is dotted with crimson red freckles - a fragrant experience with crisp, firm yet juicy flesh

Forelle Pears

Rosmarie Pears


An attractive red-blushed variety with a smooth skin, Rosemarie is a summer variety that has pale firm, sweet flesh with a delicate flavour.